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STEVEN GOLDMAN (writer of STYX TAXI, co-publisher of FWDbooks):

If you read the books, it'll, you know, make him happy. And you'll like him when he's happy...he buys the drinks.

Much more to come, including short comic collaborations with his brother Dan for SMUT PEDDLER (Saucy Goose Press) and the FLESH FOR THE BEAST anthology (Media Blasters), EVERYMAN: Be The People (due October 2004), his first play, CROSS-STITCH, and, of course, more STYX TAXI.
JEREMY ARAMBULO (artist on STYX TAXI: Pastrami for the Dead):

Jeremy's previous comic work was limited to mini-comics with photocopied runs between ten and two hundred, but after scoring gigs illustrating STYX TAXI and comics for publishers in the Philippines, he's dealing with the loss of his DIY cred nicely.